catalina-SH-welcomecatandbuddyCatalina Davis offers Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage in both Sacramento and Grass Valley, CA.

Thank you for caring enough about yourself to explore alternative ways of de-stressing, relaxing and getting back in touch with your essential self. We are fortunate to live in a time where there are so many complementary healing systems available to assist you. I would like to let you know a little about me and my areas of expertise. With over 30 years as a bodywork practitioner, I had some very extensive training.

I began in l982 with a 1200 hour course taught by Joseph Heller, creator of the Hellerwork Method. With this as my touchstone, the continuing study of health and healing became my life’s path. As a native of Sacramento, I wanted to create a peaceful place for healing and rejuvenation for my community, so with this in mind, I co-founded a Midtown business — The Body-Mind Center — in l985. The center also provides office space for other healing arts practitioners.

I now specialize in Deep Tissue work for relief of stress and pain. Tailoring the session to your specific needs, I also offer a session just for head, neck, hands and feet.

catalinasroomYou are in for a treat with a Thai Massage, or Nuad Bo-Rarn as it is known in Thailand. This ancient holistic therapy has roots in Buddhism, Yoga, and Chinese Medicine. I travelled to Chang Mai, Thailand to initiate my practice, and have continued my studies with workshops in the United States.

I use a hydraulic table which quietly raises and lowers to facilitate the efficient use of energy and assist with my clients comfort when getting on and off the table. It also allows me to work deeply without injuring my own body.

Please have a look at all I have to offer. I look forward to speaking with you to discuss how I can best support you in your pursuit of vibrant health and well-being.