Bodywork Techniques

catalina-SH-deeptissue1CatalinaRubbing-216x300 Deep Tissue Massage is done on a table, and can be very beneficial in relieving the stress of desk jobs and pain from injuries. Connective tissue manipulation helps realign the body and release chronic rigidities. Located between the skin and the muscle is the layer of fascia, which is richly embedded with nerve endings. Deep layers of tissue are released assisting in better postural realignment, reduced stress, and a better night’s sleep.

Deep Tissue Massage has proven effective for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, constipation and digestive disorders, neck, back and headaches, heart conditions, joint and muscle pain, occupational and sports injuries, sciatica, tendonitis and bursitis and whiplash and other traumas from auto accidents. I will often show you stretches as well as the best ways to properly align your body at your desk, in the car, while reading, etc.

catalina-SH-thaiA Specialty of Mine! Ninety minutes to 2 hours is recommended

CatalinaThai1-204x300Thai Massage incorporates healing techniques that increase flexibility, free blocks in energy flow, revitalize and balance the body, mind and spirit. This 2500 year old form of bodywork incorporates Yoga-like stretches, Acupressure along energy lines and patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions inducing a deeply relaxed state. It is best when the session is talk-free.

Traditionally Thai Massage is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor with the client wearing loose clothing. Steaming thai herbal packs warm muscles allowing even deeper relaxation. Sessions are geared for each individual. Thai/Deep Tissue Combo also available.

Thai Massage: $120/ 90 min. • $160/ 2hrs
(*All treatments $10. less in Grass Valley)
Abdominal massage is often very helpful in relieving constipation, cramping, digestive disorders and stuck emotions. I’ve studied this Taoist energy abdominal massage for many hours and also incorporate many Thai massage techniques. Many of my clients comment on how they feel they can breathe more deeply and stand taller after an abdominal massage.

catalina-SH-abdominalcatyoga1Do you love Reflexology? Though I’m not a certified reflexologist, my techniques for a session of just head, neck, hands and feet will leave you beaming!