What People Say

catalina-SH-whatpeoplesayI’m a Personal Trainer and have been using Catalina for years – as a runner she really helps me stretch in ways that I can’t reach myself. I love the Thai stretching combo with the deep-tissue as well, really makes a difference in my performance. Can’t say enough about this fantastic lady. Bob R., Pers. Trainer

I sit a lot in my job and developed sciatica which happily I might say, cleared up in a couple sessions with Catalina. My Trainer referred me; and I look forward to our monthly sessions. Thanks again! ” — GB, Judge

BodyMindFrontDoorBeing an auditor, I live my head a lot; I like Catalina’s work, whether the Thai stretching or the in-depth bodywork, I get to reclaim my body! I also appreciate how our friendship has grown over these six or so years.” — Brian R, Banker

I just wanted to thank you for helping me so much on my healing journey. I have suffered with the pain and fatigue of RA and lupus for over six years. Now, Catalina is working miracles with my body. She truly is a gifted healer.— Christi R., Mom

Catalina is fantastic! I’ve been enjoying her skillful massages and restful, attractive environment monthly since 1997. Catalina’s expert hands and warm heart relieve my stress better than any type of talk therapy. — Mara, R.N.

Cat’s sessions are always so varied that no two are alike, and they are always the best! — E. Harlan, artist

Working with Catalina is like getting two sessions for the price of one. Bodywork and talk Therapy. I appreciate your words of wisdom, and I like when we’re just totally quiet too. — V. McP., atty

Coming here is like a breathe of fresh air in the midst of chaos… so peaceful. — S.S., Teacher and Mother

“You’re the cat’s meow in bodywork.” —SL – publisher, graphic designer